Fiber Optic Crossbore of 36" Sewer Line


A contractor mistakenly crossbored an existing 36" storm sewer line with a 6” Fiber Optic pipe. The resulting penetrations was allowing for infiltration and subsequently potentially destabilizing the surrounding soil and base. A major expressway was located directly above the crossbore location thus a traditional excavation was cost prohibitive.


Pipepatch "No Dig Pipe Repair" – Kleen Pipe responded promptly and made an initial assessment using robotic CCTV equipment. The work would need to be completed at night since it would require a partial lane closure and the client desired the least amount of inconvenience to the public. Kleen Pipe would need to enter the pipe to cut out the crossbore, prepare the area and plug the cut section of pipe prior to installing the Pipepatch.

A third party Confined Space Rescue Team was brought in to manage the Confined Space Entry. The overall repair was completed in less than 8 hours with only minor inconvenience to the driving public.