Broken Municipal VCP Sanitary Sewer Line Repair

Challenge: A North Texas municipality discovered an active broken 6inch Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) for sewer wastewater that runs under a main intersection and traffic throughfare. The pipe was broken and had numerous blockages and voids that prevented the city crews from being able to clear it. Due to the traffic flow, it would be cost prohibitive to divert traffic for any extended period of time in order to excavate, repair the damaged pipe and replace the roadway. Solution: Combo Truck with specialty nozzles and Pipepatch “No Dig Pipe Repair” – Kleen Pipe crews utilized a Vactor 2100 Plus and numerous specialty nozzles to clear the blockages and retrieve the broken VCP from within the sewer line. Kleen Pipe crews then proceeded to “rebuild” that section of pipe from the inside out. The repair and rebuild encompassed about 3 days and at no time was traffic ever diverted nor was the public inconvenienced in any way.